The Growers Choice

We are often asked for our recommendations with questions including  “What would you recommend for a shady location”, “what hedging will give the best evergreen coverage” here we answer some of your frequently asked questions and answer with our own recommendations ‘The Growers Choice’.


From evergreen hedging to small garden hedging, see our choice of varieties below.

The Growers Choice – Evergreen Hedging

The Growers Choice – Hedging for Small Gardens

The Growers Choice: Hedging for shade

The Growers Choice: Intruder proof hedging 

Great for

Our ‘great for’ section provides you with ideas from groundcover plants to plants for shade, see our choice of plants below.

The Growers Choice – Great for Groundcover

The Growers Choice – Great for Pollinators 

The Growers Choice – Great for Shade 

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