Reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge

Reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge

There are lots of compelling reasons to plant a bare root or root ball hedge, see some of our reasons below.

Save Money – Planting a bare root or root ball hedge is usually much cheaper than planting an equivalent container grown hedge.

Attract wildlife - Planting a hedge provides a home for insect’s birds and other mammals. It is also a great source of shelter and food.

Stop intruders – Planting a hedge can deter thieves. There is a host of ‘spiky’ plant options – ornamental and native!

Reduces noise and Assists with Privacy – Planting a hedge reduces noise pollution and creates a green screen barrier that softens any boundary thus ensuring privacy.

A wider range is available – A wider range of sizes and varieties are available throughout the bare root and root ball season to suit both ‘situation & pocket’!

Absorb rainfall – Hedging absorbs rainfall and reduces run off this mitigates the impact of waterlogging and flooding.

Posted 1st Nov 12:41pm

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