Our monthly favourites - March 2020

Our monthly favourites - March 2020

Make the most of yours and your clients garden this March with some of our favourite flowering plants that are sure to add interest to the garden this spring from Forsythia ‘Lynwood Gold’ to Pieris ‘katsura’, there's something for everyone.

1. Forsythia ‘Lynwood Gold’

Yellow flowers smother branches from March - April providing a notable cheery sight to the start of spring. Try planting at the back of a dull border or even as a hedge with its full height reaching to 2 meters.

🌷 Flowers: February – April

🌞 Position: Full sun – light shade

2. Prunus ‘Kojo-no-mai’

A pretty deciduous shrub with zig-zag branches and crimson buds that open to display white flowers with pink centers in early spring. Its luscious green leaves appear after into the summer months and are then followed by bright reddish/orange leaves before falling in the Autumn. A perfect small compact tree for a smaller garden or patio pot.

🌷 Flowers: March – April

🌞 Position: Full sun

3. Vinca minor

A great low growing ground cover plant with pale blue flowers and lance-shaped dark green leaves. It is excellent at suppressing weeds and would make a great addition to the front of a border. It generally flowers from April – May.

🌷 Flowers: March – September

🌞 Position: Full sun or partial shade

4. Spirea arguta

Small delicate white flowers on arching stems have started to appear on our Spirea arguta plants this month. A hardy deciduous shrub perfect as a freestanding shrub or as a hedge. Prune immediately after flowering to guarantee abundant shows year after year.

🌷 Flowers: March-May

🌞 Position: Full sun

5. Viburnum tinus

Our Viburnum tinus plants are full of bud and flowers right now… An excellent evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and clusters of small white flowers.  Ideal for brightening up a part shaded area of the garden over winter and into spring when little else is flowering.

🌸 Flowers: March – April

☀️ Position:  Sun - Partial shade

6. Bergenia ‘Harzkristall ‘

A clump forming perennial with large dark green glossy leaves, reddish brown stems and pink tinged white flowers that appear in spring. Great for a woodland garden or border.

🌸 Flowers: March – April

☀️ Position:  Sun - Partial shade

7. Pieris ‘Katsura’

A compact, evergreen shrub with clusters of pale pink, cream bell-shaped flowers in spring. It is well known for its foliage that emerges red, changes to pink, then cream and on to green. A great plant for a container on a patio.

🌸 Flowers: February – April

☀️ Position:  Sun - Partial shade

8. Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’

A striking medium-sized ornamental cherry tree that is known for its deep purple foliage and stems which can almost appear black. During March and April a mass of single pink flowers emerges providing an early source of pollen for bees. The deep purple leaves remain until autumn when they turn a bright red before falling.

🌸 Flowers: March – April

☀️ Position:  Full sun



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