Cycle to work and burn calories

Cycle to work and burn calories

Head of Production and Procurement, Jonathan Whittemore, will have achieved a whopping 10,000 miles + on his bike this year with an average of 18MPH, meaning he will have burned over 350,000 calories cycling. That's the same as eating 9,344 burgers saving 356352 c02 emissions from not driving.

Are you interested in joining the Cycle to Work Scheme? Cyclescheme is an employee benefit that saves you 25-39% on a new bike and accessories. You pay nothing upfront. Basically, the company buys the bike, and you pay the money back each month through a salary sacrifice, which means you save on tax. Over 2,000 retailers are working with Cyclesheme nationally, and it is available in most bike shops locally, although we would recommend York Cycle Works in York or Chevin Cycles in Harrogate. It is a great scheme, and if you need any more information, you can go onto the Cyclescheme website

Posted 20th Dec 9:27am

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